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If you own or operate a tourist driven retail outlet, you can enjoy the benefits of partnering with Pulpit Air.

Pulpit Air are leaders in capturing pure fresh air from Norway’s most iconic and pristine location, the Lysefjorden (the location of the Pulpit Rock and Kjerag).

We’ve all enjoyed that invigorating feeling of taking in a deep breath of clean pure air at a mountain peak or a fresh sea breeze. Pulpit Air has captured that feeling so people can enjoy it anywhere at anytime. If you think that sounds like something special, you’re right!

For the first time in Norway you can offer this product to your customers and we’ll do all the work for you. .

Our products are popular as a unique souvenir. Visitors from all over the world can literally take a piece of Norway home with them in the form of pure air that has been captured at location.

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